The Lotus Project

the art of being a woman • alluring well being and beauty through green living

by Lyn Hicks

These days, most people don’t even know what it means to be a woman! In an attempt to even the playing field between men and women, our culture has pushed the definition of a strong woman from something truly feminine to a hybrid or even masculine role leaving most women lost, frustrated and unsatisfied.

In The Lotus Project: The Art of Being a Woman, author Lyn Hicks paints an insightful collage of our modern femininity and the power of women. She offers a new way to look at our roles as women in our community, at home, and in the workplace.

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Inside the book you’ll find stories, examples and inspiration to help you:

  • Understand the #1 reason why women become apathetic and uninspired so it stops happening to you.
  • Identify the hormone responsible for most of the unbalance in women’s lives – until you correct this physical problem, you cannot find balance.
  • See exactly why it’s hard for women to put themselves first in their lives and learn one simple trick to reverse that in your own life.
  • Uncover the reason your past attempts to “get back in shape” have failed – and find a much easier path to fitness.

Awaken to an ancient power inside you that will make everything in your life flow much more easily.

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